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BioFuel Energy Asset Management Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of BioFuel Energy Corp. (NASDAQ: “BIOF”), provides its clients with turn-key asset management solutions and access to unsurpassed industry knowledge, while maintaining strict confidentiality. Our asset management services are guided by the following principles:

  1. We operate our clients’ plants as if they were our own with the same high standard of care.

  2. We manage plants with a long-term perspective, building lasting relationships with our clients

  3. We offer a full-suite or turn-key services and to this end, aim to cut out many of the middle men that are traditionally found in managing ethanol plants.

Our team is prepared to help your company or firm manage the assets it has acquired whether continuing in operation, keeping on hot standby, shutting down and preserving asset value, or starting or resuming operations. Through our hands-on approach to facilities management, we reinforce and instill a culture of operational excellence, high safety standards, and environmental stewardship. The end result is improved plant efficiency and reliability, while also reducing risk.

Our Services

We offer a full-suite of turn-key asset management and value preservation and improvement services, cutting out many of the middle men that are traditionally found in managing ethanol plants. Services include:

  • Operations (to include shut-down, mothball and asset preservation, start-up, and long term O&M),

  • Back office functions to include accounting, finance, HR , IT support and executive oversight, Market analysis,

  • Risk management services.

  • Company evaluation and competitive assessment,

  • Facility troubleshooting and optimization,

Complete Operations & Maintenance Services

Our guiding principle is we operate our client’s facilities as if they were our own – with operational excellence. We share best management practices and practical experience between our facilities and managed facilities through daily coordination between plant management teams and engineering, environmental and other operational support services. Some services include:

  • Mobilization Management – shut down and start up

  • Daily plant operations oversight

  • Daily maintenance program review and evaluation

  • Training on operations, safety, maintenance

  • Engineering and Operations support

  • Environmental Compliance support

Back Office Services

We offer a turnkey back office functions, reducing your costs. Examples include

  • HR recruiting, retention, benefit management, payroll administration

  • Accounting services – Accounts Payable, Account receivable

  • Commercial support including cash management

Risk Management Services

Our expert risk management team can help mitigate and reduce overall risk.

  • Review and advise on risk management systems and policies

  • Market analysis

  • Daily Profit Margin Reports

  • Daily Position Reports & Advise

Competitive Assessment & Company Evaluation

We approach the evaluation of your company or plant from the value perspective, using the Restructuring Circle framework to assess its value and potential value enhancements. We compare current value to potential value with internal improvements, with external improvements (including M&A opportunities), and after financial engineering/restructuring. Our team arrives at our assessments of value based on a detailed study of each facility.

Facility Troubleshooting and Optimization Services

We also offer to leverage our operational and management knowledge in the following areas:

  • Troubleshooting specific operational issues

  • Diagnose and recommend solutions to quality and environmental problems

  • Support in restructuring marketing and procurement arrangements or replacement of these agreements via offerings through our strategic alliances

  • Evaluates plant’s or company’s short term potential in that market and recommend a course of action in addition to long-term recommendations to enhance value.

Our Team - Your Advantage

Ours is an experienced team of professionals with real world success in the energy, agriculture and biofuel industries. This team has successfully developed, built, managed start up and currently operates two 110 million gallon per year Delta-T plants at above design basis. This team has extensive dry-mill experience, as well as experience in other areas of the energy and agricultural processing industries. We have a deep bench of operations staff with decades of experience operating dry and wet mill ethanol plants based on ICM, Delta T, Vogelbush, and Lurgi designs. Our team has a combined 142 years of ethanol management experience, with over 70 years of ethanol plant management experience with both wet and dry mills. Our managers and supervisors alone have over 85 years of experience with Delta-T and ICM process technology. The remaining experience is split between other dry mills such as Poet and wet mills owned by ADM and Cargill.

We have established relationships with key vendors and suppliers to the industry in all functional areas, including but not limited to legal, environmental experts, Enzyme & yeast suppliers (such as Fermentis, Novozymes, Genencor), chemical suppliers, process suppliers (including ICM), natural gas suppliers and transporters, denaturant suppliers, marketers of ethanol and distillers grains, and commodity brokers.

Our team is prepared to help you operate, manage and optimize your ethanol production assets. We can customize a strategy for your particular assets and help with execution, whether that involves shut down for the short-term or long-term operations.



For more information or to discuss this service in more detail please contact:

Mark Zoeller
BioFuel Energy Asset Management LLC

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The IndyCar® Series will be using 100% fuel-grade ethanol in 2007, becoming the first major racing circuit to switch entirely to a renewable fuel. Ethanol powers the cars on the race track and can also help consumer vehicles run better on Main Street.


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